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[teaser] Into your world; Chapter 17

Minseok-ah~” Luhan chanted softly as he was caressing the cheek of the angel in his arms. He pressed the petit body closer to his own, planting a kiss on the forehead of the angel.

Minseok stirred in his sleep by Luhan’s action, leaning into the touch.

Luhan chuckled leaning over to Minseok’s ear to wake him up. “Minseok baby~” He called out louder now. He watched as the angel’s eyes fluttered open. Luhan’s seemed to stop working for a moment when he saw the beautiful sight. He could only stare at the boy, as if he was brought in a chant.

“Luhan, we should talk.”

Luhan looked up from his phone to face the leader when he heard the seriousness in his voice. He nodded once, gesturing the younger one to continue and that he was listening. He put down his phone on the table in front of him. 

“It’s about Minseok-hyung.”

“About you and Minseok to be exact. ” 


I feel bad for being so late, so here a teaser of what i have written already~ I hav 1046 words right now, and half way the chapter, hope i can update soon!

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I really want to start this fanfic for real, because it’s so perfect for xiuhan and kaisoo to me ;-; like i can imagine this story in my head based on this quote so well even if it’s angsty and kajsksjak.

It’s kind of a teaser of the future of this fic! Anyone knows the other meaning behind those words??

Teaser new chapter ‘into your world’:

-romantic morning after
-worried leader
-drama drama drama

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"See you soon, Kyungsoo-ah!"

Kyungsoo put down his luggage for a second to wave at his best friends with both his arms. "I’m going to miss you guys! Take care of each other!" A soft smile appeared on his face after he sighed. He was going to miss those dorks for real. 

It’s been 4 years since the last time he saw his first love.

It’s been 4 years since he had to leave the one he loved to move to another country after his parents had done everything to get them apart.

And it’s been 4 years since the day he had seen his love cry for the first time after telling him he would always love him.

Now, 4 years later, he stood in the airport, bidding his friends goodbye. His chinese friends who he grew so fond of during those years of spending time together. 

He was leaving a life he had been so used to once again. 

'K-Kyungsoo-hyung… Don't leave me please. I don't want a life without you.'

"Wait Kyungsoo-ah!" 

Kyungsoo watched as he saw his closest friend run to him after releasing his chinese boyfriend’s hand from his own. 

"What’s wrong, Minseok-ah?"

He wasn’t suprised at all when the elder took him in his arms, squishing him once again, just like how the boy had done to him everyday ever since the day he told him he was going back to Korea to meet the person he loves once again.

"Here." Minseok took his hand after letting go of him, putting a lucky stone in his hand. "You need it now! It helped me with Luhan, I’m sure it will help you this time too."

Kyungsoo’s eyes teared up, remembering the one he was going to look for, the one he left 4 years ago. Minseok had known how worried he was to search for him again. 

It’s been 4 years. What if he moved on?

"Even if he doesn’t feel the same for you anymore… I’m sure he will fall for you all over again once you’re back. Now go, your man is waiting for you!"

Kyungsoo smiled. Minseok cleaned his tears which he hadn’t even noticed falling. 

"Bye Minseok-ah. I’ll miss you!" He gave the older one a kiss on the cheek, gaining a lot of protest from the boy standing a bit further from them. 

"Hey! Those cheeks are mine!"

"Luhan, shut up, let them be."

"I’ll miss you too! Come back to show him to me, okay?" Minseok said with a bright smile, totally ignoring his boyfriend’s sulking in the background.

Kyungsoo finally moved to forward, waving for the last time to his friends before he went through the guards, on his way to his flight gate.

I’m sorry… Please keep in mind that I love you…

Those were the last memories he had before he fell asleep in his seat.


-and don’t forget your belongings. We hope you had a nice flight with China Air and we hope to see you again.

Kyungsoo woke up, looking around sleepily. 

He stretched a bit before he took his things. When he was sure he had everything with him, he left the plane quietly, only greeting the staff on his way. 

He took a cab to his hotel to leave his stuff there. 

He only needed to stay there a few nights before he could move in with his childhood friend, Jongdae, who rented an appartment for both of them to live in.

He was really lucky with his friends. 

He had told his friend only 2 weeks before his flight that he was coming back to Korea. Jongdae was so happy that he looked up for a place for both of them to stay, since the dorm he was living in right now was too small for another person. 

Jongdae, being the awesome friend he is, rather moved out from the dorm with all his new friend than having to leave his childhood friend to live alone. 

The place he rented was free in a few days so they had to sleep apart for a while. 

Jongdae was also the one who found some information about his past boyfriend and his love for him, so that Kyungsoo could find him again. 

He was woken up from his thoughts by his ringing phone. 

She got that something-


How was your flight buddy! I’m sorry I couldn’t pick you up, I-

"It’s okay Jongdae-ah, I’m in my room now, I’m leaving in a minute."

So rude, not even letting me finish~

"Whatever." Kyungsoo laughed at his friend’s antics. Jongdae really doesn’t change at all. 

Hurry up! Hurry up! I’m waiting at centre of the mall, still remember how to get there?

"Of course. I’ll be right there."

Hurry, it’s cold~

"Jongdae, it’s spring, almost summer. It’s anything but cold."

Whatever, just hurry~

Kyungsoo laughed loudly before greeting his friend and ending the call. 

Jongdae hasn’t even changed a single bit. Would he be the same?


"I really missed spending time with you, kyungie~"

Kyungsoo pinched Jongdae’s cheek, who was holding his arm tightly like a koala. 

"I missed you too, hyung~"

The two finally met up 2 hours ago and spent their time shopping and eating as they talked about their current lives, catching up the lost time and having fun as always. It seemed as if the 3 years without contacting each other hadn’t happened at all. 

A year after Kyungsoo moving away, the two had lost contact because of their school and friends. Only 3 years later, Kyungsoo had tried to contact Jongdae’s old phone number to see if it was still working. And luckily, Jongdae had kept the same number for all those years. That’s when Kyungsoo had told him he was coming back and two weeks later, the two finally met again.

Kyungsoo looked next to him when he felt Jongdae stopping. Jongdae had a bright blush on his cheeks as he stared in front of him. 

"Oh god, Kyungsoo, hide me! My crush is there!"

Kyungsoo quickly looked to the front, curious about the boy that stole, i-am-forever-straight-i-swear-Jongdae’s heart.

"Is it the boy that is smiling this way?"

Jongdae looked up cautiously, muttering a ‘liar’, but his face soon changed when he catched his crush’s eyes. 


The boy waved excitedly to the two, gaining the attention of not only them but also his friends. 

"I think he likes you too." Kyungsoo smirked and pushed Jongdae, who was smiling awkwardly while waving back, toward the other. 

"J-Joonmyun-hyung, hey."

Joonmyun turned his attention to Kyungsoo and smiled brightly at him. “Hey, are you a new friend of Jongdae? I never saw you before?”

Kyungsoo shook his head, putting his arm around Jongdae’s shoulder. “I’m Jongdae’s childhood friend, actually. I arrived at Seoul today.”

"Ah~ Nice to meet you then. I’m Jongdae’s senior and friend, Kim Joonmyun."

"I am-"

"Kyung—— soo." 

Kyungsoo froze when he heard the voice he had missed so much. The voice he longed to for so long. The voice of his love.

"You know him?" Joonmyun asked curiously.

Kyungsoo finally dared to look at the person who called him. His gaze stuck at the latter his hand though, which was being held by a girl. 

His world fell apart.

He gathered the courage to look up and meet Jongin’s eyes, which were still widened in shock.

"Long time no see… Jongin- Jongin-shii." Kyungsoo smiled bitterly at Jongin.

"Hyung…" Jongin let go of the hand in his own and ran to Kyungsoo, hugging him tightly as his tears started to fall for the second time in his life. He breathed the scent in of the boy who left him 4 years ago, hugging the small figure tightly. "H-Hyung… Kyungsoo-hyung…"

Kyungsoo finally hugged the boy back after what seemed like a century, letting his own tears fall as well. 

Jongin’s friend looked at them, confused about the reunion between the two.

"I-I- Kyungsoo- I- When- I mean, you-"

Kyungsoo tried to smile at the boy, he knew his smile always calmed the boy. “I came back today.”

Jongin looked Kyungsoo in the eyes after separating his own body with Kyungsoo’s smaller one. “You came back.”

"Of course I did. I couldn’t stay there there leaving you- I mean…" Kyungsoo gulped when he said those words he didn’t want to say out loud. Jongin was holding hands with a girl for god’s sake. What was he trying to do. "I see you got a cute girlfriend? I’m happy at least you got to move on…" Kyungsoo whispered as he stared at Jongin’s chest.

"I didn’t know you would come back…" Jongin said back softly, biting his lips as he looked at Kyungsoo’s lips. He didn’t care about anything around him anymore as he leaned forward to capture Kyungsoo’s soft, plump lips. 

"Jongin- We can’t-"

"Keep in mind," Jongin pecked Kyungsoo’s lips again. "That I love you, remember?" He said before taking Kyungsoo’s lips for a more passionate kiss now. 

"4 years, Soo. You made me wait for 4 years. No way that i’m going to give you up now."

Keep in mind that I love you 
                             - W by JYJ for HoMin

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[CHRISTMAS SPECIAL] First love, first snow, first kiss.

The person who believed that luck will come
The person who waited for the first snow to fall
Will it come when this night passes?
Will love come to me?

Christmas already passed, but… I’m writing a oneshot as a late christmas present for everyone who reads my fics and for everyone who gave me such a lovely support when i announced I will go on a break! :D It’s not done yet, but i made this edit for the fic~ Be prepared for a fluffy oneshot :3